The course is purpose built in the low, rolling Needling Hills, and has been laid out taking into account the natural terrain available, allowing for a variety of target locations.  As an event registered with the state governing body and with Archery Australia, all competitors are insured under the cover that is afforded to an entrant in any official archery tournament.  The bushland in which the shooting takes place is reasonably open with few areas of dense undergrowth allowing for good visibility and comparative ease of walking.  Improvements have been made to make for the easiest access possible where the natural features create obstacles.  Marked pathways indicate the safe route for competitors to follow and allow access for spectators to observe the targets along the course.  Robust footwear with good ankle support is recommended for competitors.  Insect repellent is recommended.  Water points are provided around the course and refreshments will also be available for purchase.  Lunches are available by pre order in the morning, prior to the commencement of shooting.


Sunday night festivities centre upon the local country inn located in the nearby community of Greenhills.  The Inn features two dining rooms, a cosy bar with TV sports channels, a games room, and counter meals.  Accommodation is available on the first floor for those wishing to stay close to the shooting venue – however you need to book early as the rooms are usually booked quickly.  More basic accommodation is available in a number of transportable units which are located at the rear of the property.  For those who dont mind a more rugged nights sleep there is a large open space adjacent to the hotel property where you can sleep out under the stars, in your vehicle or a caravan if you wish.  Showers are available in the hotel outdoor ablution block for a fee of $5.00 payable at the front bar.  Alternative accommodation is also available in the town of York which is approximately 15 minutes drive from the competition site.

For accommodation bookings at the Inn please phone: 08 9641 4095



“I am definitely never shooting this event again” – Barry Creelman 2019 RIP – Missed by all WDFC friends and family

“This course is awesome” – Ray Locke 2018 (After completing only 2 targets)

“Girls rule” – Kaye Duncan 2018

“I’m never shooting this event again” – Barry Creelman 2017

“I said that I was never coming back 4 years ago – this time I mean it” – Sue Swain 2017

“#@!!*/#%$” – Unknown 2016

“I’m never shooting this event again” – Barry Creelman 2016

“Mugs away!” – BOM chorus 2015

“I’m never shooting this event again” – Barry Creelman 2015

“**#><!!!%##$/\@” – Name withheld by request 2015

“I hate field” – Frank Fanali 2014

“I’m never shooting this event again”- Barry Creelman 2014

“Does anybody have any spare arrows they aren’t using?” – Attributed to several archers 2014